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There are lots of finance and leasing options available to you when buying or leasing a car which can make it difficult to decide, and what’s more, different people give these options different names!

That means it can all become a little confusing when comparing car finance if you're not an industry expert.

We've done our best to try to explain the different car finance and car leasing options available to you and the links below should help.

Hopefully after reading through the above and comparing these car finance deals you will be more acquainted with the exact nature of each option.

You’ve probably noticed that at first glance, the different options seem remarkably similar to each other - but each of them has their own advantages.


Once you’ve compared and chosen your car finance deal you may find that you’ll be able to drive a car that you didn’t think you could ever afford – which is one reason why people prefer finance and leasing deals.

An upmarket car that would normally be out of your price range isn’t always after you’ve taken the time to compare car finance deals.

One of the huge motivating factors that encourage people to seek and compare car finance deals is the fact that they are not responsible for the car’s depreciation and end value.

They are not burdened by the selling of the car after they have finished their contract, as the finance and leasing company will handle it – along with maintenance and several other aspects; which are covered if requested during negotiations.

Most maintenance packages include things such as mechanical and electrical repairs, tyre replacements, MOT tests etc. However, you should make sure to carefully read any agreement you are entering as certain levels of damage to the car may not be covered.

For businesses that need to provide their staff members with a vehicle, car finance can be very cost-effective. After comparing car finance deals they are provided with an alternative to purchasing a vehicle outright.

That could be one of the reasons why private car registrations have fallen and fleet and business vehicle registrations have steadily risen since late 2010. This indicates that more people are choosing to finance and lease their car as the recession continues.

Please take your time to browse and compare the available car finance deals and options to make your ideal choice.

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