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Porsche allegedly refuses Android Auto for new 911

Author: Askaprice

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Porsche allegedly refuses Android Auto for new 911


Porsche has reportedly turned away Google and its Android Auto technology from its new 911 model as the tech-giant is asking for too much data.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are constantly battling it out for the top spot in the automotive sector, both offering integration services for in-car devices. Currently, manufactures that offer one of the systems will usually serve-up both, giving the driver the option of using either an iPhone or an Android device.

However, according to online reports, Porsche is refusing to offer the Android Auto system in its new 911 model as Google is asking for too much data. According to reports, Google is requesting data on things like throttle position, vehicle speed and engine rpm, every time the engine is turned on.


Porsche is allegedly concerned that this quantity of data could give Google an insight into what makes their vehicles tick, ultimately revealing its secrets. With Google currently developing a car, Porsche apparently believes that revealing such data could be detrimental to its brand.

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