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Back to School Driving Tips

image for 'Back to School Driving Tips'

However, road safety charity, IAM and its chief examiner are asking drivers to take extra care around schools and on the school run. A few tips include: Remember to leave five minutes early; it’s likely that other motorists could end up...


13-plate luckiest in over four years

image for '13-plate luckiest in over four years'

As September and the new 63-plate looms, SMMT has revealed that the 13-plate has outdone all previous plates going as far back as September 2008. A huge 1,115,459 vehicles have been registered since the plate came into use in March...


Online resource for senior drivers

image for 'Online resource for senior drivers'

David Williams MBE, chief executive of GEM Motoring Assist, comments: "We all want to stay as mobile as possible for as long as possible, but safety has to be the priority, not only for senior drivers but for others who...


Shelby Cobra for children

image for 'Shelby Cobra for children'

The child-size car is a collaboration between Carroll Shelby Licensing and Hong Kong toy manufacturer, National Products Limited. The toy manufacturer also makes toy versions of the Mercedes E-Class, the Mini Cooper and the Chevrolet Camaro. It was designed to be...


Guinness World Record for Nissan

image for 'Guinness World Record for Nissan '

As part of the Nissan Patrol Challenge, which was launched in 2012, the ‘Hero of All Terrain’ took home the title of “heaviest object pulled by any production vehicle” Guinness World Record. The event took place at United Arab Emirates’ Shariah...


Safety Shield seen at N360

image for 'Safety Shield seen at N360'

The initial innovation regards advanced sensors. Using laser scanners and around view monitor cameras, which surround the car in a 360-degree circle, they seek out potential obstacles and risks, as well as road signs. Next is the ability of the car...


ZOE scoops Green award

image for 'ZOE scoops Green award'

ZOE is the flagship vehicle in Renault’s 100 per cent electric range and has a starting price of £13,995 with monthly battery hire starting from £70 per month. BusinessCar recognised the Renault ZOE for its “industry-leading” kit, as well as...


Audi indicates new innovation

image for 'Audi indicates new innovation'

Audi, however, thinks that the indicator light needs an upgrade. The answer? Sequential LED indicator lights. The Matrix LED headlights will be introduced on the new Audi A8. These dynamic indicators consist of 18 LEDs split into seven sections on...


Northern cities worse for car crime

image for 'Northern cities worse for car crime'

Manchester came top of the crime league table with 505 offences per 10,000 registered vehicles. This was four times the national average. The figures discovered by through a freedom of information request were taken between October 2011 and September...


New laws for careless driving

image for 'New laws for careless driving'

Police can now stop drivers and issue tickets on the spot for risky driving. This includes tailgating or poor lane discipline. Fines for fixed penalty notices for traffic offences such as using a mobile phone, speeding and not wearing a seat...


Fiat 500 styled by GQ

image for 'Fiat 500 styled by GQ'

The Italian manufacturer teamed up with GQ, the premier men’s magazine, to design a car suited to a ‘metropolitan lifestyle with sophisticated aesthetics’. With two-tone paintwork in metallic grey/black complimented by the black mirror covers, the stylistic touches from GQ are...


Simulation is the real deal for RCA designers

image for 'Simulation is the real deal for RCA designers'

Royal College of Art (RCA) post-graduate students recently learnt how challenging this can be. Joining forces with Exa Corporation, a global innovator of fluids simulation solutions for product engineering, and Tata Motors European Technical Center, the RCA hoped to show the...


Chevrolet forge new Trax

image for 'Chevrolet forges new Trax'

The American manufacturer claims that the Trax is a five-seater SUV ‘without SUV running costs’. On sale now, at a starting price of £15,495, the Trax is available in two trim levels, three engines and the choice of front or...


All ‘i’s on the BMW i8

image for 'All ‘i’s on the BMW i8'

What’s changed about the body from the concept images remains unknown. However, we do know that it has retained its scissor doors. The 1.5-litre Turbo three-cylinder engine produces 231bhp, which is a minor increase on the last figure. The £95,000 electric...


Resurgence of a legend – Pocher returns

image for 'Resurgence of a legend – Pocher returns'

The infamous model makers, who joined the Hornby Group in 2004, had kept a low profile but will be unveiling a 1:8 scale kit at the upcoming 2013 Salon Prive. This year, it’s the Aventador LP700-4 that is getting the Pocher...


Vauxhall celebrates its 110th birthday

image for 'Vauxhall celebrates its 110th birthday'

Later this month, on 18th August, Vauxhall Heritage Centre is opening its doors to share the special occasion with the public. Over 60 cars of significance from Vauxhall’s private collection will be showcased, including production models from every decade, vehicles from...


Seatbelts on – that goes for the dog too

image for 'Seatbelts on – that goes for the dog too'

According to a survey, 2 in 5 of us take our pets on holiday. Do we, though, keep our furry friends as safe in the car as their fellow human passengers? GEM Motoring Assist, the independent driver-based road safety association,...


Can you see clearly now?

image for 'Can you see clearly now?'

Brake, the independent road safety charity, has teamed up with the DVLA, RSA and Specsavers to conduct the research and to launch an online campaign warning drivers of the dangers of poor vision while driving. “If your vision isn't up to...


Rockingham electrifies

image for 'Rockingham electrifies'

The charging points are located around Rockingham, including in the Inner and Outer Paddocks. Ready to use, they’ll be available for any electric vehicles that visit the venue. Peter Hardman, chief executive at Rockingham, said: “We believe it’s vital to recognise...


Oh Mii – is that a Seat 600?

image for 'Oh Mii – is that a Seat 600?'

The 600 is the precursor to the Mii, which still provides first time buyers and those on a stricter budget with a great city car. Similar in design, build and practicality as Skoda’s Citigo and Volkswagen’s Up!, the Mii has...


Keep cool on this summer’s holiday journey

image for 'Keep cool on this summer’s holiday journey'

Back seat drivers, arguments in the car and road rage are all concerns for holiday-drivers, Europcar has discovered. Another top concern was whether the family car was up to the task of getting to the destination and make without any hiccups. Managing...


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