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How much will Fangio's F1 car fetch?

image for 'How much will Fangio's F1 car fetch?'

A Mercedes-Benz racer driven by Juan Manuel Fangio is expected to fetch up to £10m at auction this summer at the Goodwood Festival. The car itself is a particularly special one; it is the 1954 Mercedes-Benz W196 driven by one of...


Shocking fall in UK motorcycle use

image for 'Shocking fall in UK motorcycle use'

There are now nearly 35 million vehicles on UK roads but those with two wheels have experienced a startling drop in popularity since 2001. The number of motorcycles on the road has fallen to just 28,800 compared to 53,000 in 2001,...


Is it worth going LPG?

image for 'Is it worth going LPG?'

Fuel prices and the environmental impact of driving a car are two contentious issues in the UK at the moment but there may be a solution. Some drivers may benefit from using LPG, a greener, cheaper alternative to traditional petrol and...


Rover drivers least likely to speed

image for 'Rover drivers least likely to speed'

People don't need to be told twice that speeding is dangerous, for both the vehicle occupants and pedestrians, but yet people still do it. In addition, it is worth considering the implications that speeding will have upon car insurance, as it...


Is it worth going electric?

image for 'Is it worth going electric?' recently crunched the numbers regarding what would actually happen if every motorist decided to go down the electric car route. They found that the government would stand to lose over £24 billion in tax every year - with the...


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