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How to drive a 4x4 in snow

image for 'How to drive a 4x4 in snow'

Once you have compared 4x4 prices, chosen the ideal off-roader for your needs and found some cheap car insurance, it's time to head out on to the road (or off it) - but do you know how to actually drive...


White van drivers are the UK's rudest

image for 'White van drivers are the UK's rudest'

It's official; white van drivers are the rudest on the road, according to a new survey by insurance expert According to its research road users cannot shake off the feeling that white van drivers are the rudest when it comes...


4 per cent of drivers fall asleep behind the wheel

image for '4 per cent of drivers fall asleep behind the wheel'

For many, falling asleep behind the wheel is the stuff of nightmares but new figures show one in 25 Brits have admitted to drifting off while driving. The shocking statistics were unearthed by Motor Monitor after it asked 2,000 motorists...


Motorcyclists warned over winter weather

image for 'Motorcyclists warned over winter weather'

The UK government is urging motorcycle riders across the country to take precautions if they are venturing out on two wheels. Winter is without doubt the most dangerous time for motorcyclists on UK roads with snow, ice and rain making the...


Porsche drivers 'worst' for UK speeding

image for 'Porsche drivers 'worst' for UK speeding'

Porsche drivers are the most likely to speed out of any car owner group in the UK, according to new research by It may come as no surprise to learn luxury sports cars built by Porsche are the most tempting...


Renault Kangoo ZE review

image for 'Renault Kangoo ZE review'

Renault wanted to do something to differentiate their vans from others on the market. What they needed was a concept so radical that it'd generate consumer interest whilst also bordering on the insane. Renault's answer was to release the first ever...


Are young driver courses the way forward?

image for 'Are young driver courses the way forward?'

Statistics from Seat show that the road accident rate amongst young drivers is dramatically reduced amongst those that have completed its Young Driver programme. The positive Seat survey indicates that teenage accident rate among Young Driver participants is less-than-half the national...


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