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Do older drivers get higher insurance premiums?

image for 'Do older drivers get higher insurance premiums?'

Older drivers have seen a vast reduction in insurance premium prices since January 2010, while younger drivers continue to be quoted figures close to £1,000 according to new research. All age groups over 20 have seen a decrease in premium insurance...


The five most efficient cars in the UK revealed

image for 'The five most efficient cars in the UK revealed'

New research has listed the five most fuel-efficient cars available to UK buyers today as rising fuel prices hit motorists. Fuel costs are one of the main concerns for UK motorists and new car buyers are increasingly comparing new cars by...


Car vs Motorcycle - which is cheaper

image for 'Car vs Motorcycle - which is cheaper'

Comparing the cost of running a motorcycle to that of a small hatchback is probably not something every new car buyer will do - but the latest research shows it could actually save buyers over £4,000 in total. According to,...


How to find cheap white van man insurance

image for 'How to find cheap white van man insurance'

Britain is famed for its 'white van men' (and women). Taking to the UK's towns and motorways in their vans, these drivers are seen as the backbone of the UK economy. Which still does not make them particularly popular with UK...


Vauxhall Corsa tops UK insurance search

image for 'Vauxhall Corsa tops UK insurance search'

The Ford Fiesta is once again the best-selling car in the UK as it closes in on 100,000 new registrations this year. However, while those figures from the Society of Motoring Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) show the Fiesta is out on...


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