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Top Driver Myths Busted

image for 'Top Driver Myths Busted'

Young people, having never driven a car (or paid for servicing and maintenance) before, are more likely to believe the various car-related myths that have been making the rounds for years. While following these won't necessarily put you or your...


The Five Most Expensive Cars of 2012

image for 'The Five Most Expensive Cars of 2012'

While comparing prices for new and used cars on a website such as, you often think about what you can afford. In the majority of cases, your finances could stretch enough for you to buy a used BMW, Audi...


Bond Car Showdown

image for 'Bond Car Showdown'

It must be a tough life being James Bond. When he's not risking his life for Queen and country, Bond is travelling to the most exotic locations on earth, playing poker with the high rollers and having access to the...


The Deadly 720 and an Intriguing Hyundai Elantra

image for 'The Deadly 720 and an Intriguing Hyundai Elantra'

Those used to the 'zany' antics of the folks at Top Gear will no doubt be familiar with their (often) foolhardy attempts at record-breaking. Whether it involves high speeds, Clarkson's undulating grimace, or even caravans; they very often fall...


Kickstarter: Automotive Innovations & Oddities

image for 'Kickstarter: Automotive Innovations & Oddities' is fast becoming one of the most innovative websites of the last decade. Its user-base has surpassed all expectations - the scope and size of several of the projects featured on the crowd-sourcing website has surprised many. But what...


TomTom's Trip of a Lifetime

image for 'TomTom's Trip of a Lifetime'

Lush tropical islands, crystal clear waters, exotic and exquisite sights and a rather nice salary to boot - this isn't exactly standard fare when working. It's not very often you get to bask in the glorious sun and admire the...


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