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Will the Dacia Affect New Car Prices for 2013?

image for 'Will the Dacia Affect New Car Prices for 2013?'

Good news if you’re a Renault fan looking to compare Renault deals in 2013. Their reinvented Dacia debuts at “jaw-droppingly low prices”, with both Duster and Sandero models likely to appear in UK showrooms around January time. Renault appear to...


Good News for Vauxhall Ampera Lovers

image for 'Good News for Vauxhall Ampera Lovers'

A new agreement made between successful car manufacturer Vauxhall and British Gas is sure to bring smiles to faces across the UK. The new Vauxhall Ampera is going to be available with a fast-charge kit that actually reduces the electric...


Citroen DS9 Teased for China

image for 'Citroen DS9 Teased for China'

You're all surely aware of how much we loved the recent Geneva 2012 Motor Show. We posted several articles about the flashiest and fastest cars on show, as well as a look at the newly revealed MG5. At Geneva 2012,...


Geneva 2012 Round-Up - The Flashiest and Fastest

image for 'Geneva 2012 Round-Up - The Flashiest and Fastest'

The Geneva Motor Show 2012 finished yesterday (Sunday 18th March), we've seen some amazing new cars and some, admittedly, less-than-impressive ones. What were your favourites though? Feel free to send a message or two via our Twitter. We have to admit...


Jaguar Land Rover Creates 1,000 New Halewood Jobs

image for 'Jaguar Land Rover Creates 1,000 New Halewood Jobs'

Jaguar Land Rover has announced that 1,000 new jobs are to be created at its factory in Halewood, near Liverpool. The new jobs have been created due to increased production of the company’s Land Rover Freelander and Range Rover Evoque models. HR...


Nissan Helps Create 2,000 British Jobs

image for 'Nissan Helps Create 2,000 British Jobs'

Japanese superpower Nissan has announced at the Geneva Motor Show 2012 that their new compact model, the Invitation, will be built at its factory in Sunderland. It's great news for the region, with Nissan reportedly pumping £125 million investment into its...


The Hyundai i30; better than a Focus?

image for 'The Hyundai i30; better than a Focus?'

The Hyundai i30 is not the most obvious car choice when it comes to the small family car market but this is the car which has just won CarBuyer's Car of the Year award. At first glance it is difficult to...


Kia Rio prices match its low running costs

image for 'Kia Rio prices match its low running costs'

It is all very well comparing new car prices but once the best value car is bought, there are other costs which must be considered when looking for new cars for sale. Insurance, road tax and fuel costs are all important...


Chevrolet Volt prices match the Vauxhall Ampera

image for 'Chevrolet Volt prices match the Vauxhall Ampera'

Chevrolet Volt prices are out and with a single trim level priced at £29,995, it creates an interesting problem for the US brand. Chevrolet is owned by General Motors, which also owns Vauxhall. When Chevrolet returned to the UK in 2005...


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