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The most popular cars with 12-plates?

image for 'The most popular cars with 12-plates?'

The new 12-plates will be introduced to new cars in the UK from March this year and according to experts at the Society of Motoring Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), over 350,000 new cars will be bought for around £5bn. The SMMT...


Mazda3 discount targets Ford Focus

image for 'Mazda3 discount targets Ford Focus'

The Ford Focus has long been considered the best small family hatchback on the road today - as mentioned yesterday in our report on the new Chevrolet Cruze. However, over the years if there has been one car which can genuinely...


Chevrolet Cruze prices drop by £2,000

image for 'Chevrolet Cruze prices drop by £2,000'

A new Chevrolet Cruze hatchback arrived in 2011 and although it cannot claim to have challenged the dominance of the Vauxhall Astra, the Volkswagen Golf and the market-leader, the Ford Focus, it is a good family hatchback. What it isn't is...


New car prices set to drop for 12 plates

image for 'New car prices set to drop for 12 plates'

The new 12 plates are about to be released in the UK on every new car registered from 1 March 2012. Car makers will typically use the interest generated by the new plates to offer a range of offers on their...


Will Peugeot 208 match Peugeot 207 prices?

image for 'Will Peugeot 208 match Peugeot 207 prices?'

Peugeot 207 prices start from under £10,000 but with a new model on its way to replace the hatchback, Peugeot finds itself at a crossroads. Small cars are big business. A quick glance down the top five best-sellers of 2011 shows...


New Ford B-Max to take on Meriva

image for 'New Ford B-Max to take on Meriva'

The new Ford B-Max launch date draws near - it is expected to arrive Spring 2012 - and it brings with it high expectations. Stephen Odell, chairman and CEO of Ford of Europe, says it will 'raise the car for small...


Small cars are a new family favourite

image for 'Small cars are a new family favourite'

Over the years saloon cars have been the popular models for people looking for a family car for family life. However, a recent study by insurance experts Aviva suggests that smaller cars are the next best thing for family life. The main...


Seat's new 2012 Exeo on sale now

image for 'Seat's new 2012 Exeo on sale now'

Since its launch in 2009 the Seat Exeo range has been the main focus of the Spanish manufacturer's executive car market sales. With a new and updated Exeo range, Seat is hoping that both its large saloon and estate models will...


Ford Fiesta is top dog, again

image for 'Ford Fiesta is top dog, again'

The January sales results are out and the Ford Fiesta supermini has come out on top again and stolen first place on the top ten sellers list. It's no big surprise that the Fiesta came top in the January sales as...


Fiat announces 2012 Panda prices

image for 'Fiat announces 2012 Panda prices'

Prices for the new third generation Fiat Panda have finally been announced, which means we can finally weigh up whether or not to buy one. The Panda has always been a slightly unique model as it delivers cheap and frugal qualities...


Nissan reveal new hatchback concept

image for 'Nissan reveal new hatchback concept'

Nissan has announced some interesting, but sketchy, information about an all-new small hatchback ahead of its Geneva Motor Show debut. The new concept car is called the Invitation and will sit between the Micra (city car) and the Juke (crossover). As...


Seat Mii gets five-door option

image for 'Seat Mii gets five-door option'

Seat has introduced a five-door derivative to its Mii city car which will be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show next month. Seat is hoping that a five-door option will give its Mii a better fighting chance in the market...


Toyota announces GT 86 prices

image for 'Toyota announces GT 86 prices'

Since its Motor Show debut in November 2011 there has been tons of speculation about the Toyota GT 86's starting price. Well, now it's official, it will start from £24,995. New car prices are always the most important thing for a...


Citroen announces DS5 price and spec

image for 'Citroen announces DS5 price and spec'

Citroen has finally announced price and specification details for its new, premium DS5 model. The DS5 has been a long-awaited and hotly-anticipated release at it is a large premium family car that delivers surprisingly good emissions. Emissions-wise the DS5 benefits from diesel...


Is the Ford Focus the World Car of the Year?

image for 'Is the Ford Focus the World Car of the Year?'

The Ford Focus has been nominated for another award which will see it face some stiff competition in many different market segments. The Focus has been shortlisted in the final ten of the World Car of the Year awards, but that's...


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