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New Citroen C3 options for 2012

image for 'New Citroen C3 options for 2012'

Citroen will add two new special edition models to its popular C3 range, the Citroen C3 Black and the Citroen C3 White. These new special editions offer both interior and exterior enhancements on the original C3 model, according to Citroen, with...


Renault Twingo set for 2012 launch

image for 'Renault Twingo set for 2012 launch'

Renault's new city car, the revamped Twingo, will go on sale early in 2012. The Twingo is a city car and therefore smallest option in the Renault range which means that it goes up against other popular superminis such as the...


Jeep announces prices for new Cherokee versions

image for 'Jeep announces prices for new Cherokee versions'

Jeep has announced its prices and specifications for two new specifications for the new Jeep Grand Cherokee. Although it's only months since the launch of the Grand Cherokee 4x4 Jeep customers are eagerly awaiting new versions of the model which will...


New and refreshed Vauxhall Antara

image for 'New and refreshed Vauxhall Antara'

The refreshed Vauxhall Antara will face competition from the likes of the Kia Sportage and stablemate Chevrolet Captiva, also relatively new, in the UK's forecourts. The biggest changes on the Antara are the engine and interior. Engine wise there is now...


Volkswagen Up falls in lowest insurance group

image for 'Volkswagen Up falls in lowest insurance group'

The new Volkswagen Up! will offer three models in the lowest insurance group available in the UK, the car maker has revealed. The small, three-door city car will come with three options that will ensure lower insurance for buyers. The entry-level 1.0-litre...


Renault to scrap some of its old models

image for 'Renault to scrap some of its old models'

Renault has announced that they will stop producing some of its popular and older models in its range. Starting from February 2012, Renault will scrap the Laguna hatch, Grand Espace, Modus Grand Modus and Kangoo models in its UK range as...


New special edition Nissan Micra revealed

image for 'New special edition Nissan Micra revealed'

Nissan's ever famous Micra range has been given two new special editions, each of them adding new extra equipment to the small car. These new special edition trims are called the Kuro and Shiro and include things like new paint jobs...


New Eterniti Hemera starts from £150,000

image for 'New Eterniti Hemera starts from £150,000'

Eterniti, a new London-based niche manufacturer, has unveiled its new luxury SUV, the Hemera. This new SUV is an ultra-luxury SUV designed for the mega-rich and those who want make an impression on the road. But as always luxury comes...


New Suzuki Swift Sport for 2012

image for 'New Suzuki Swift Sport for 2012'

Suzuki will launch the all-new Swift Sport, a more performance-based version of the small car, in 2012. The new model will add power and a more stylised look to the standard Swift and will not just offer better performance figures but...


New Audi Q7 engine and trim level

image for 'New Audi Q7 engine and trim level'

Audi has introduced a new V6 engine into its Q7 SUV and added a new level of equipment to match the 2401hp power plant. This new engine is a V6 diesel which has been carried across from the Audi A6 model....


Suzuki's new Kizashi Sport

image for 'Suzuki's new Kizashi Sport'

Suzuki has announced it will be releasing a new Kizashi saloon in the UK with the first models arriving in January 2012. This new Kizashi saloon is aimed at buyers looking for a more executive saloon and comes in a...


New BMW 6 series Gran Coupe

image for 'New BMW 6 series Gran Coupe '

BMW has revealed its new 6 Series Gran Coupe as a rival to the likes of the Audi A7 Sportback and the Mercedes CLS Coupe. It's almost identical to the coupe in terms of appearance with the exception of size and...


Mazda makes better emissions, and better prices

image for 'Mazda makes better emissions, and better prices'

Mazda has recently announced that it will be reducing the emissions of its Mazda2 and Mazda6 models, which means that there will be price cuts in both the model ranges. Essentially fleet and company car drivers will save themselves money as...


Geely to offer cheapest small family car in UK

image for 'Geely to offer cheapest small family car in UK'

Imagine a Ford Focus-size hatchback with a five-year warranty, small petrol engines and a starting price of just £10,000. Sounds good doesn't it? As always, there is a downside to what seems like a great offer when comparing prices with the...


UK awaits new 2012 Renault Scenic prices

image for 'UK awaits new 2012 Renault Scenic prices'

The Renault Scenic has risked being left behind in the small people carrier segment in recent years as five-door MPVs take a huge step forward in terms of desirability, design and running costs. However, new images show Renault is ready to...


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