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Toyota Prius is Car of the Year

image for 'Toyota Prius is Car of the Year'

The new Toyota Prius, set to go on sale in August 2009 from £18,370, has been named WhatGreenCar's Car of the Year. The car was selected from a shortlist of ten cars, including the the Citroen C1 ev’ie, Mitsubishi i-MiEV, Toyota...


Volvo challenges Johnson over Congestion Charge

image for 'Volvo challenges Johnson over Congestion Charge'

Volvo is calling on London Mayor Boris Johnson to look at introducing a congestion charge based on tailpipe emissions. Johnson scrapped a plan of former Mayor Ken Livingston that would have charged heavier polluters more to enter the C-Charge zone in...


Check your oil - or face a hefty bill

image for 'Check your oil - or face a hefty bill'

Car care specialist Comma has launched National Oil Check week to raise awareness of the potential cost of damaging an engine through poor maintenance. The company will tour the country between June 15-19 to provide free oil checks, as research indicates...


One in five motorists admit to fronting

image for 'One in five motorists admit to fronting'

One fifth of motorists are considering, or are actively 'fronting' insurance companies – insuring a child's car in their name to lower their premium. Under the practice the child is added as a second name driver. Despite being widespread and widespread...


Tesla arrive in UK

image for 'Tesla arrive in UK'

Electric car-maker Tesla has opened a UK dealership in London's Knightsbridge - Tesla's first presence in the UK as it gears up for sale of its Roadster all-electric sports car in the UK. The first 250 cars available to European customers...


Ford raises prices on all models

image for 'Ford raises prices on all models'

Ford is to raise prices across its entire model range from July, saying the weakness of sterling against the Euro is losing the company money in the UK. The manufacturer will raise prices by four per cent from 30 June. As...


New BMW 316d ES returns 63mpg

image for 'New BMW 316d ES returns 63mpg'

The new BMW 316d ES Saloon will go on sale in the UK from September 2009, the cleanest 3 Series to date. The 316d returns almost 63mpg on the combined cycle and emits 188g/km. The new 3 Series is powered by a...


No more ECOnetics, says Ford

image for 'No more ECOnetics, says Ford'

Ford will not make any more low-CO2 ECOnetic variants due to lack of demand. Ford has released ECOnetic variants of Fiesta, Focus, Mondeo and Transit models, but will not build low-emissions variants of its MPVs, Ka city car or Kuga...


Scrappage buyers could make a profit

image for 'Scrappage buyers could make a profit'

Scrappage buyers could make a profit on selling their new car, says residuals expert Glass's Guide. Glass's says low availability and that strong demand for models such as the Ford Fiesta, Citroen C1 and Fiat 500 coupled low availability could...


Putting off car repairs 'a false economy'

image for 'Putting off car repairs 'a false economy''

Motorists who put off essential repair work on their cars are risking more expensive repairs down the line, warns a vehicle servicing network. The impact of the credit crunch means motorists are skipping services, but even simply maintenance such as changing...


Small cars most popular under scrappage

image for 'Small cars most popular under scrappage'

Small cars that offer high mileage and low emissions are most popular, according to figures gathered from car manufacturers participating in the scheme. The figures show that Hyundai, Ford, Toyota and Kia have profited most from the scheme. Those manufacturers have...


Seat offer free fluids checks

image for 'Seat offer free fluids checks'

Seat is offering free oil checks to its UK customer after a survey indicated that Seat owners are the worst for car maintenance. The fluids checks will incorporate oil, washer fluid, brake fluid and radiator fluid, and the free checks will...


Petrol prices on the rise

image for 'Petrol prices on the rise'

Following findings from the Automobile Association that show petrol prices rising in the UK since May, the Road Haulage Association has warned against a planned fuel duty rise, announced in April during the Budget. The AA says prices have risen dramatically...


Diesel to be cheaper than petrol

image for 'Diesel to be cheaper than petrol'

Diesel is currently selling for the same price as unleaded petrol, and could dip below the price for regular gas for the first time since June 2001. The cost of diesel on wholesale markets is already lower than petrol, thanks to...


Best and worst green cars named

image for 'Best and worst green cars named'

The Honda Insight hybrid has been named Green Car of the Year 2009 by the Environmental Transport Association (ETA), with the 8-litre Dodge SRT-10 sports car named worst polluter. 1300 models were judged on power, emissions, fuel efficiency and noise to...


Volvo XC60 is best towcar

image for 'Volvo XC60 is best towcar'

The Volvo XC60 crossover SUV is the best towcar, according to judges at the 2009 Towcar Awards. Winning praise for its driving, looks and towing ability, the XC60 also won the 1900kg+ kerb weight category Head judge David Motton said: “Many cars...


Green car shortlist published

image for 'Green car shortlist published'

Hybrids, diesels and low-CO2 versions of popular cars have been named in the short-list for the 2009 WhatGreenCar Awards. The shortlist includes the Citroen C1 ev’ie electric car; Toyota iQ; Ford Fiesta ECOnetic; Toyota Prius; Volvo S40/V50 DRIVe; Honda Insight; BMW...


Carcraft offers free oil checks this week

image for 'Carcraft offers free oil checks this week'

As part of National Oil Check Week, running this week (15-19 June), Carcraft Service Centres are offering free oil checks. With a recent survey indicating that over 50 per cent of motorists don’t check their oil levels, motorists are risking average...


Beware ghost cars, buyers warned

image for 'Beware ghost cars, buyers warned'

Internet car-buyers are being warned to be vigilant as criminal gangs target them with a series of ‘ghost cars’ using small ads websites to lure unsuspecting customers. Using well-known online car retail websites, scammers advertise great deals on cars that aren’t...


60,000 scrappage orders since start of scheme

image for '60,000 scrappage orders since start of scheme'

60,000 cars have been ordered through the government's scrappage scheme, giving a much-needed boost to the car industry according to Lord Mandelson. The scheme is open to anyone buying a new car or small van who can trade in a car...


Over 60 per cent of cars have low oil levels

image for 'Over 60 per cent of cars have low oil levels'

Well over half of all cars are low on oil, according to new research in support of National Oil Check Week. One in five models checked in the study were described as having dangerously low levels of oil, potentially leading to...


Mercedes to open driving academy

image for 'Mercedes to open driving academy'

Mercedes is launching a Driving Academy designed to teach UK teenagers the art of driving safely. With nearly one in three motorists who die or are seriously injured under the age of 25, the Mercedes-Benz Driving Academy aims to equip drivers...


Road regulator required, says RAC Foundation

image for 'Road regulator required, says RAC Foundation'

Motorists and the road network need a regulator in the same mould as public sector regulators, according to the RAC Foundation. It says the lack of an independent regulator to spend money, determine funding requirements and monitor suitability for purpose does...


Recession changes focus of company car decisions

image for 'Recession changes focus of company car decisions'

Cost is the most important factor in company car management decision according to a new survey. The latest Company Car Trends survey from GE Capital indicates that cost factors, from fuel prices to taxation, have outstripped human resources issues as the...


Infiniti to launch in UK this September

image for 'Infiniti to launch in UK this September'

Infiniti will launch this September (2009), with the FX luxury SUV spearheading the new premium marque's entry into the UK market. The entry-level FX37 GT will go on sale at £42,600, powered by a 317bhp 3.7-litre petrol V6, while the range-topping...


Audi A8 named best luxury green car

image for 'Audi A8 named best luxury green car'

The A8 luxury saloon has been awarded the best luxury green car gong at the What Car? Green Award awards. The A8 is powered by a 2.8-litre V6 petrol engine that returns 34mpg and has CO2 emissions of 199g/km. Priced from £49,975...


BMW is best car manufacturer

image for 'BMW is best car manufacturer'

BMW has been named Best Car Manufacturer in the prestigious Which? Awards 2009.  Members of the consumer group Which? rated BMW above several shortlisted competitors, with the German marque winning praise for its drivability, efficiency and overall customer satisfaction. Chief Executive...


Scottish drivers 'most violent'

image for 'Scottish drivers 'most violent''

Drivers in Scotland may be the least stressed behind the wheel, but they're also most likely to be involved in a fight as a result of road rage, according to new research. The Environmental Transport Association (ETA) polled drivers across the...


5m motorists 'never check oil'

image for '5m motorists 'never check oil''

Seat drivers are least likely to check their oil, despite the threat of potential repair bills for seized engines amounting to nearly £1,500. Research conducted ahead of National Oil Check Week, running from 15-19 June, suggests that more than 5 million...


Motorists choose to wash and go

image for 'Motorists choose to wash and go'

Motorists are choosing to prioritise cleaning their car over servicing it, according to research by Kwik Fit. Apparently one in four of the surveyed motorists plan to save cash this year by skipping a servicing interval, although over a fifth will...


Car scams target Auto Trader and Ebay Motors

image for 'Car scams target Auto Trader and Ebay Motors'

Used car buyers are being targeted by scams that cost UK motorists millions of pounds a year. The criminal gangs behind the scams place fake adverts on reputable websites such as Auto Trader and Ebay Motors with links to fake shipping...


Motorists choose Lexus as best brand

image for 'Motorists choose Lexus as best brand'

Lexus has been named the best brand in the JD Power customer satisfaction awards. Honda was second, Mercedes third, Skoda fourth and Lexus sister brand Toyota fifth. The Lexus RX SUV was named the best model, also winning the SUV category, while...


No scrappage impact on sales yet

image for 'No scrappage impact on sales yet'

The scrappage scheme has yet to impact on car sales, with news that May's sales were down by nearly 25 per cent on May 2008. The scheme launched in mid May, but while there were around 35,000 scrappage order in the...


Scrappage means it's a good time to buy a car

image for 'Scrappage means it's a good time to buy a car'

The impact of the scrappage scheme means it's a good time to buy a car, according to industry body the Retail Motor Industry Federation (RMIF). Jeremy Bennett, Automotive Management editor at the RMIF, says: "Car buyers now have the knowledge they...


Sign up to Motor Codes, garages urged

image for 'Sign up to Motor Codes, garages urged'

Government watchdog Consumer Focus has called for motor repairers to join the voluntary Motor Industry Codes as figurs reveal that only 15 per cent of garages are currently signed up. Motor Codes is a self-regulated body set up by motor trade...


Used car market sees greater stability

image for 'Used car market sees greater stability'

Demand for quality used cars remains strong, while the largest vehicles on the second-hand market are performing more strongly than the smallest, according to new research. CAP's Black Book of used car values indicates that despite dealer reports of reductions in...


Green cars are 'too expensive'

image for 'Green cars are 'too expensive''

Car buyers will avoid green cars because they think they are too expensive, according to a website's survey of its readers. says 33 per cent of visitors to its website said cost was the biggest problem in moving to a...


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