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White van drivers are the UK's rudest

Author: Stephen Hurrell

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White van drivers are the UK's rudest

It's official; white van drivers are the rudest on the road, according to a new survey by insurance expert

According to its research road users cannot shake off the feeling that white van drivers are the rudest when it comes to manners on the road including failing to stop at crossings, cutting up other drivers and tailgating.

However, those whose mind instantly wanders towards the UK's best-selling van, the Ford Transit, may be surprised to hear Ford drivers are considered the politest drivers.

This means, if the survey is correct, white vans from other brands are more likely to have rude drivers behind the wheel than white Ford Transit vans.

The rudest drivers list will come as no surprise to many and the top five is a who's who of stereotypically rude drivers.

Porsche drivers, in their sporty performance cars, are considered the second-worst in terms of manners, while Range Rover and Land Rover drivers take third and fourth place respectively.

Other luxury car maker Mercedes is fifth in the list while Lexus and Jaguar, builders of performance and luxury cars, also appear in the top ten.

At the other end of the scale the biggest shock will be Audi drivers, who were actually considered the second best-mannered set of drivers on the road despite a (perhaps unwarranted) reputation for driving too close to slower cars.

Citroen, Vauxhall, Peugeot, Volkswagen, Honda, Fiat, Nissan and Skoda were all present in the top ten least rude drivers, showing the more affordable end of the market often leads to better driving manners.

But what are the nation's rudest drivers - including those in white vans - guilty of? According to the survey one in ten UK drivers would not let other drivers out in front of them at roundabouts or junctions while one in twenty refuse to stop at zebra crossings because they 'cannot be bothered to stop'.

The same amount said they would cut up other drivers all the time while a shocking 14 per cent of respondents said they have scraped someone else's car and driven away without leaving any details.

Those who take to two wheels - more specifically cyclists - will be unhappy to hear a staggering two in five drivers refuse to leave enough room for them and seven per cent will even go out of their way to splash them by driving through a puddle.

Which does not paint a particularly good picture of driving on UK roads... or bode well for white van insurance premiums.

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