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Rover drivers least likely to speed

Author: Glenn Doyle

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Rover drivers least likely to speed

People don't need to be told twice that speeding is dangerous, for both the vehicle occupants and pedestrians, but yet people still do it.

In addition, it is worth considering the implications that speeding will have upon car insurance, as it is estimated that someone who is caught speeding will have to pay around 17 per cent more for their car insurance when their renewal is due.

Using data from the latest MoneySupermarket Motor Monitor, MoneySupermarket has analysed which drivers are the most likely to be caught speeding, based on any indicated convictions noted when retrieving car insurance quotes.

Looking at the supplied Infographic, it would appear that drivers of Rover vehicles are statistically the least likely to get caught speeding by police, with only 4.1 per cent of Rover Metro owners, and the same figure for Rover 114 drivers, have been caught speeding.

This may be down to numerous reasons, such as the fact that these particular Rover vehicles are not known for their flashy and sporty designs, meaning that, on average, drivers of the vehicles will not look to test the cars to the full and 'show them off' to passers-by.

On the other end of the scale, drivers of 'sporty' and more luxury cars such as the Jaguar XK, Audi A5 and BMW 6 Series are most likely to be caught speeding

In fact, 20.9 per cent of Jaguar XK drivers admitted to have been caught speeding, whereas 19.8 per cent of Audi A5 drivers and 19.7 per cent of BMW 6 Series motorists admitted to the same offense.

Other notable entries at the top of the list include the sleek Alfa Romeo 159, with 19.1 per cent of drivers having been caught speeding, and another Jaguar model: the XF, with 18.8 per cent of drivers breaking the law on a previous occasion.

If we look at the broader spectrum, we can see that Porsche tops the car make most likely to be found speeding, with 14.2 per cent of Peugeot owners admitting to the offense, just edging out British-built Aston Martin owners on 14.1 per cent.

The brand of car found least likely to be occupied by someone breaking the speed limit is Morris Motors vehicles, registering only 4.6 per cent of owners having broken the law.

Following Morris vehicles are those produced by Daihatsu, Proton, Fiat, Suzuki and Nissan, with a range of automotive law-breakers from 5.8 per cent to 6.2 per cent.

MoneySupermarket also took a look at the 'speeding hotspots' in the UK - where most drivers are caught speeding. The survey found that drivers in Bournemouth, Dorcester, Liverpool and Norwich were most likely to be caught speeding - with figures ranging from 12.3 per cent of drivers to 11.3 per cent.

Drivers are least likely to speed in the districts of London, the survey found, with Eastern Central, North Western and Western Central London all topping the list with a lowly 5 per cent. This may be due to the fact that roads around these areas are usually heavily congested - restricting the speed a car could travel.

The survey also found that the occupations most likely to be caught speeding are well-paid, 'higher-up' jobs, such as operations directors (with 23.1 per cent), surgeons (with 23.0 per cent) and sales directors (21.1 per cent of drivers caught).

However, those least likely to speed include warehousewomen (3.2 per cent caught) and, as you might expect, driving instructors - with 3.3 per cent having admitted to speeding.

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