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Porsche drivers 'worst' for UK speeding

Author: Stephen Hurrell

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Porsche drivers 'worst' for UK speeding

Porsche drivers are the most likely to speed out of any car owner group in the UK, according to new research by

It may come as no surprise to learn luxury sports cars built by Porsche are the most tempting to break speed limits in but drivers are now being warned they are endangering lives by breaking speed limits.

After looking at local authorities' speeding figures, Porsche drivers were the biggest offenders with 14.2 per cent convicted of speeding.

Porsche, famed for its rear-wheel drive sports cars such as the iconic Porsche 911 and Carrera models, is followed in the list of shame by several other upmarket brands.

Second place goes to Aston Martin with 14.1 per cent of drivers caught speeding, ahead of Jaguar in third with 13 per cent.

In fourth place was British car maker Bentley, that favourite choice for footballers, with 12.7 per cent of drivers caught speeding.

Bentley shared fourth place with a surprising brand; Saab. The car maker is now bankrupt but 12.7 per cent of its remaining drivers have been caught speeding.

Audi, Lotus and Alfa Romeo make up the next three places with 12.5 per cent, 12 per cent and 11.9 per cent respectively.

Completing the top ten worst offenders were BMW (11.7 per cent) and Lexus (11.6 per cent), leaving a full top almost exclusively made up of luxury and premium brands.

Speeding is a particular problem for drivers when it comes to renewing their car insurance, according to

Speeding convictions and points on a licence can result in drastically increased insurance premiums - and they are already expected to be relatively high on performance cars such as Porsches in the first place.

At the other end of the scale those people who drive a Morris were the least likely to speed with just 4.6 per cent of drivers clocking up a speeding conviction.

The bottom five was made up of Daihatsu, Proton, Fiat and Suzuki drivers in the best-behaved list with all brands falling below seven per cent of drivers convicted.

However, individual cars most likely to be speeding shows Jaguar XK drivers are the worst offenders with one in five caught speeding. It is followed by a collection of premium cars including the Audi A5, BMW 6 Series and Alfa Romeo 159 all above 19 per cent.

The cars least likely to speed are those with particularly limited top speeds in the first place. The car least likely to speed in the UK in a Rover Metro with just 4.1 per cent convictions, while the Rover 114, Hyundai Amica, Proton Savvy and Ford Ka complete the top five.

The data also shows drivers in Bournemouth (12.3 per cent) were most likely to be caught speeding followed by Dorchester and Liverpool.

Meanwhile, highly-pedestrianised London tops the list of places were drivers are least likely to be caught speeding with just five per cent of people in West, North West and East London caught speeding.

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