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Car vs Motorcycle - which is cheaper

Author: Stephen Hurrell

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Car vs Motorcycle - which is cheaper

Comparing the cost of running a motorcycle to that of a small hatchback is probably not something every new car buyer will do - but the latest research shows it could actually save buyers over £4,000 in total.

According to, choosing two wheels over four could also result in annual savings of nearly £500 because of the relative costs of running a motorcycle compared to a car.

Choosing a motorcycle over a car does come with drawbacks; accidents on a motorcycle are generally more dangerous, there is less protection from the elements and it involves more driving tests - this time a CBT followed by a practical test - to legally drive certain bikes.

However, for those who are inclined, a motorcycle could offer cheaper insurance, initial costs, fuel and road tax for cash-strapped drivers.

They will also find city parking spaces easier to come by and not be held up as much in lengthy traffic jams.

Would you choose a motorcycle over a car? The latest figures from have pitted two of the most popular vehicles on the road against each other to find a solution.

A BMW R 1200 GS motorcycle will set a driver back £9,200 and a new Vauxhall Corsa three-door supermini would cost £13,000.

While many consider motorcycles to be dangerous, insurance is just £210 on average for a bike compared to £478 for a car - however motorbike breakdown cover is actually more expensive at £74.50 on average compared to £58.85 for the Corsa.

Once on the road, the motorbike will cost an average of £1,440 in fuel compared to the £1,588 cost for the car, despite the Corsa offering some of the lowest fuel costs on the market today.

According to the figures, the motorcycle savings continue when it comes to road tax. In fact, motorcyclists will save up to £94 for road tax for a 125cc bike with rates as low as £16 for the vehicles in the study.

This all adds up to a total saving of £4,226 and annual savings of £490.86 - although this can vary depending on circumstances.

Earlier in 2012 in the UK, a young driver was given a quote of £20,000 to insure a Vauxhall Corsa. While this is an extreme case, the figures show young person insurance is falling slower than any other age group - and could even begin to rise when regulations governing how women's insurance quotes are calculated come in at the end of 2012.

Motorcycle insurance, by comparison, is considerably lower depending on the size and power of the engine. After completing the CBT course, bikers are only legally allowed to drive a motorbike up to 125cc and this can help to keep insurance costs down.

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