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World's most expensive write off

Author: Stephen Hurrell

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World's most expensive write off

An Aston Martin has been written off after it was hit by a pink Vauxhall Corsa at a Wilshire petrol station this month.

The Aston Martin DB5, worth around £300,000, was stationary and being filled up when the Corsa collided into it and will be chalked up as one of the most expensive insurance claims in UK history.

However, the iconic luxury car, famed for its use in James Bond films, is not even close to the most expensive insurance claim in UK history.

The most expensive car insurance claim in the UK was from Mr Bean star Rowan Atkinson. The comedian crashed his McLaren F1, an incredibly rare 1990s hypercar, leading to a car insurance payout close to £900,000 to get it fixed.

The 6.1-litre McLaren can reach speeds of up to 240mph. Atkinson reportedly hit a slippery patch near Peterborough in 2011 and collided with a tree.

It beat the previous insurance claim record by almost £600,000. The previous record was held by Aviva, which announced it had paid out £300,000 for a Pagani Zonda supercar back in 2010.

While these eye-watering figures are enough to make anybody think twice about driving their supercar (if you are lucky enough to own one) they pale in comparison to some of the largest insurance claims around the world.

Here are the top five most expensive insurance claims from around the world.

Ferrari Enzo - £900,000

Swedish millionaire Stefan 'Fat Steve' Eriksson crashed a Ferrari Enzo sports car worth £1m in California at around 162mph.

After initially denying he was the driver of the supercar, Eriksson was found guilty of embezzlement and illegal gun possession as a result of the incident and was sentenced to three years in jail and deportation.

The Ferrari Enzo is one of the most iconic Ferrari cars. Only 400 were ever made and its carbon-fibre design was based around Formula One technology.

Bugatti Veyron - £1.1m

Another intriguing supercar crash occurred in 2009 when Andy House crashed his Veyron into a Texas lagoon after claiming a pelican had distracted him.

Unfortunately for House his car had attracted the attention of another driver who had filmed the whole incident, with no pelican to be seen.

House had a policy on the car that was more than the £1.1m it was worth and was subsequently sued by his insurance company which alleged he had crashed it on purpose.

The legal wrangling is still ongoing on this one but one thing is certain; this is an expensive supercar write-off that most petrolheads would love to see.

1959 Ferrari 250GT TDF - £1.1m

The rare 1959 Ferrari 250GT TDF was taking part in an event called the Shell Ferrari Maserati Historic Challenge in 2003 when it crashed into a wall.

The car cost £1.1m originally, leading to a hefty insurance claim for the classic car. The Ferrari 250 GT was one of the longest running race series in the history of Ferrari but this was still an exceptionally rare example - meaning a huge headache for the unlucky owner.

Ferrari 250 GT Spyder

The Ferrari 250 GT Spyder is one of the best-looking cars ever built and a model will sell for anything up to £7.5m at auction.

So you can image the horror an owner experienced when his pride and joy was destroyed in 2008 after a hurricane struck a beach where the car was being stored.

The pristine Ferrari racer was destroyed in seconds, leading to the second-highest repair bill for any car in history.

Ferrari 250 GTO

An American businessman was driving a 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO worth £19m when the worst happened.

The 3.0-litre V12 classic crashed in France in 2012 leading to a £19m insurance claim. Not only that but his wife suffered a broken leg and two passengers in the other vehicle were taken to hospital.

The GTO is similar to the car that fetched over £22m at auction and Chris Evans owns an £18m version.

This is not a car you want to crash and can comfortably claim to be the most expensive car crash in history.

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